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The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs offer a higher standard of care for men and women suffering from the disease of  alcoholism or drug addiction. We can help, we have successfully treated thousands of alcoholics and drug addicts and helped them to get their lives back.  

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If you or you are loved one are not sure that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol and want to take a confidential, online free assessment:

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If you need to understand more about the disease of addiction and want to know how to spot the signs of a problem.

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Leader in Substance Abuse Treatment

The Watershed is recognized as a leader in medical detoxification, and is an outstanding substance abuse treatment provider for those with an alcohol problem or in need of a safe medical detox or inpatient drug rehabilitation. Our alcohol abuse and drug treatment centers specialize in  addiction medicine, dual diagnosis, and co-occurring disorder treatment.

Our staff of highly trained addiction psychiatrists, medical doctors, psychologists, nurses, and therapists has created the optimal environment for you find long term recovery from the disease of addiction.

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs are “Gold Seal” accredited through The Joint Commission on The Accreditation of Health Care Facilities, and The Watershed is licensed by The State of Florida Department of Children and Families and The Texas Department of Health to perform addiction and substance abuse detoxification with alcohol detox, drug detox, and alcohol and drug rehab levels of treatment, with intensive inpatient residential, and prevention services as well.

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Help is always a phone call away our 24 hour information & referral counselors are always there for you and can provide you with a free assessment, referral or an understanding ear when you need it most.

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You can also chat with our counselor's live on the web.

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Not insured? Don't think that you can afford treatment? Often we can help even when you don't think that it is possible.

And even if you can't come to The Watershed we will assist you by referring you to other helping organizations in your area. Allow us to help. We care about you.

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Just What is a Watershed?

A watershed is a defining moment of insight and clarity where healing begins and lives are reclaimed.

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The Watershed is recognized as a leading treatment provider offering medical detoxification and rehabilitation for those suffering from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Watershed patients receive an unprecedented level of care by highly skilled professionals who know how to help people find long term recovery.

It is our goal that every patient has an opportunity to experience that watershed moment.

The Watershed mission is to provide the best and most cost effective treatment to people and families affected by the disease of addiction, alcoholism and mental illness.

  • Medically Supervised Detox and Treatment

  • Dual Diagnosis

  • Inpatient/Residential Rehabilitation

  • JCAHO Accredited

  • Fully Licensed by The State of Florida

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