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Family Outreach

Family Outreach, The Addiction Recovery Center’s rehabilitation center recognizes that addiction affects the entire family. The codependency, heartache and loss of trust can contribute to the suffering of both the addict and the family. At The Addiction Recovery Center, we’re here to help support your relationship healing in addition to your loved one’s recovery by offering regularly scheduled “Family Therapy Workshops” at our substance abuse clinic, free of charge to help with family recovery.

Treating the Addict, Treating the Family

Jackie Glass, psychotherapist for The Addiction Recovery Center Addiction Treatment Programs and program director for The Addiction Recovery Center Family Weekend Program, says one of the biggest challenges facing family and friends is learning to trust again. “It is normal for friends, family and co-workers to be anxious when their loved one returns home and back to work after treatment”. The Addiction Recovery Center’s Family Program is specifically designed to create a recovery foundation for you, your family and your significant others. Aiming to expand self-awareness and knowledge of family dynamics and increase communication skills, our program introduces family members to a variety of self-care tools and provides resources for continuing care well beyond the stay of the facility.

To ensure long-term healing, The Addiction Recovery Center Alumni Program is designed to keep the patients and their families involved and connected with us after treatment is complete. We are in constant contact with our alumni to promote a strong bond, and we encourage you to contact us at 1-888-510-2481 or through the website

Ending the Cycle of Addiction with The Addiction Recovery Center’s Family Program

While we often refer to the addict as the only patient, our staff at The Addiction Recovery Center’s rehabilitation center understands that addiction is truly a family disease in the sense that everyone is affected by the addiction. In order to successfully treat the addict, we must treat the family too. That’s why our substance abuse treatment facility offers a family program as well. We’re dedicated to restoring a healthy family dynamic and healing co-dependent relationships.

The family program includes interactive sessions with a therapist via phone, in person and during our weekend family programs. While the patient is in recovery, families are invited to The Addiction Recovery Center in Florida to receive therapy for the resulting damage from their loved one’s addiction. Significant others can also benefit from our rebuilding programs and have the opportunity to attend meetings and group and individual therapy with their loved one. We give everyone the opportunity to address issues that have developed during the addiction process and support the beginning of the family recovery process.

The Addiction Recovery Center’s carefully designed and effective Family Program gives family members the ability to participate in the healing process and provides the option of family counseling after the addict’s admission, in addition to the Family Weekend Program. We have created several helpful online resource materials, unique to The Addiction Recovery Center drug and alcohol addiction treatment center, for you to use before, during and after your loved one enters the program.

The Addiction Recovery Center’s substance abuse clinic is committed to saving and healing the lives of the addict and their significant others by giving everyone the tools to live happy, functional, and productive lives.

For Families and Loved Ones

Thank you for allowing The Addiction Recovery Center to treat your loved one. We are grateful to be able to participate in helping heal the pain of addiction. We also know that this can be a difficult time for the family as well and would like to make sure that you know we are here for you too. As addiction affects the whole family, we want to educate you about this disease so that you have the necessary tools to help you understand and overcome the obstacles that the disease of addiction can create. We would like to invite you to visit our family information and resource site at:

The Addiction Recovery Center’s treatment facility provides comprehensive addiction treatment including a safe, comfortable medical detox, inpatient rehabilitation and three different levels of extended outpatient care, including partial hospitalization, intensive outpatient programs and a halfway house. Our drug and alcohol addiction treatment center provides a full course of treatment, a critical part of successful long term recovery. Every patient’s clinical needs are assessed and reviewed by our professional staff to determine when it is appropriate to move on to the next level of care. We teach them coping and life skills while slowly introducing responsibility back into their lives. We want them to learn to live sober and see that recovery is a reality. This process can take time, and we hope we can help support you and your loved ones in this journey.

It is not unusual for some patients to be resistant to treatment. These individuals may ask you to help them leave the treatment setting while making promises to change. It is vital that you understand and promote the benefits of treatment so they gain the tools to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Their disease brought them to clinical treatment, and we must work together to encourage and reassure them that they are in the right place. At our safe treatment center, your loved one is being cared for by a highly qualified treatment team which includes physicians, nurses and licensed therapists.

We encourage you to understand that the recovery process is not just an adjustment for the addict – it is an adjustment for you as well. Over the past several years, you likely assumed roles or took care of tasks in the place of your loved one. Now, you may need to learn new ways of relating to each other and learn different ways of sharing activities and chores. As the parent of an adolescent in treatment, you will need to be closely involved in treatment planning and treatment activities. You may need to adjust your life and family relationships to allow for the extra time this involvement will take.

You may have many questions about how your family member will behave in these early stages of recovery. Everyone acts differently. Some people are very happy to be getting treatment at last; others suffer a great deal while they adjust to a new life and attempt to live it without alcohol and drugs. They may be sad, angry, or confused. It is important for you to realize that these are normal reactions and to get support for yourself. To speak with someone at anytime, please call 1-888-510-2481 or visit

Will Treatment Work?

Treatment is just the first step to recovery at our rehabilitation center. During this process, family members sometimes have mixed feelings, fearing that if rehab does not work, nothing will. It is important for you to remember that outside influences cannot cause a relapse-only the person who takes a drug or picks up a drink is responsible for that.

Self-awareness is key in the healing process, and we’re here to give you the tools to succeed.  The Addiction Recovery Center Family Program Director explains that the chemically dependent person in early recovery needs to be extra vigilant and aware regarding their personal signs and symptoms of relapse, triggers and scenarios that could result in relapse.

Treatment can work if the person is open-minded, honest, and willing to do what it takes to work a program of recovery and get as much out of their treatment experience as possible. Many people believe that if the person is not willing when they go into treatment, that they will not be willing while they are in treatment – this not always true. There are many addicts and alcoholics that are scared to attend treatment and seem uninterested in the beginning, only to recover long after they leave rehab. Treatment and recovery are a process and need their time and place in order to fully work. Attending a 12-step support group like Al-Anon or Nar-Anon can be very beneficial when it comes to healing from a loved one’s addiction as well. Be patient with your loved ones progress and remember that it is ultimately up to them if they wish to recover long-term.