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Drug Trafficking Exposed at World Cup: Boy Sells Drugs in Brazil Slums

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world-cup-drug-trafficking_tws-blogCan you imagine your 11-year-old son drug trafficking cocaine to financially support your family’s living? This is a reality for many in other countries, like Brazil, despite laws prohibiting drug trafficking and possession of cocaine. With the World Cup in Brazil this year, drawing many neighboring countries and visitors to set foot on the grounds, drug trafficking has been particularly prosperous for Lucas, an 11-year-old boy who deals in a gang-driven favela, or slum, of the country.

Drug Trafficking By Young Boy

Lucas has been drug trafficking cocaine and claims that only in the slums can it be found so pure. However, the most outrageous part (to the reporter who interviewed the boy) was how cheap it was. The price was said to be 50 times cheaper than it would be in the United Kingdom. It was also mentioned by Lucas that visitors from other countries, like England, Argentina, and Ecuador, kept coming back for more, which provided quite the profit for the boy, who is just one of the supposed thousands of children who partake in drug trafficking. Of course some of the cash  gets back to the gang leader in charge, who keeps the drugs and money in safe-keeping alongside their handguns and rifles in case they feel threatened. Some of the gang leaders that operate this machinery are only 16-years-old.

At such a young age, it is a shame that Lucas has been exposed to this unfair lifestyle of drug trafficking, and feels compelled to sell drugs in order to maintain a living environment for his family. That’s a lot of pressure for a young boy whose biggest concern should be completing his school work. Lucas does not even attend school because he has to run the drug business. He went on to explain how he felt the business was more important because it allowed him the opportunity to “earn” as much money as he needed to get whatever he wanted. It’s disconcerting that Lucas believes he is “earning” money and that handling drugs to frequent buyers for profit is not only the norm, but more of a long-term career path than any educational background could bring.

Cocaine from Peru

Peru’s Anti-Drug Agency confirmed that airplane flights have been frequent for illegal drug trafficking since the start of this year and are said to be coming from Peru to Bolivia to Brazil with over 600 pounds of cocaine. There have been 72 raids where the planes were taken down already this year, and yet, Brazil still traffics a large amount of the drug. Behind The United States, Brazil comes in second as the most cocaine-consuming country, but The World Cup is anticipated to cause them to bump ahead, and it should even be easier for drug exportation with the entire stirrup of the festivities.

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