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Drug Rehab: The Addict That Still Suffers

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Going to a drug rehab may sound intimidating and frightening for most, but when you have found the right drug rehab center, it is life changing. The first step towards recovery is admitting that there is a problem with drugs or alcohol; the second step is taking action towards recovery. Many addicts feel that they can stop using drugs on their own and without any help from a drug rehab, but if they are a real addict, they will not be able to stop for long. What the substance abuser may not know is that the drugs aren’t the problem; they are a symptom of the disease of addiction.

Is Drug Rehab Right For Me?

If you or someone you know is suffering from drug abuse, then the question really should be, “When is drug rehab not right for you?” There are so many excuses addicts will make to avoid making the ultimate change to live drug free. Some addicts may think they don’t have a problem, or hope it will just somehow go away. Sometimes they feel that going to a drug rehab is not going to work, or family members stop them from going. Frequently addicts will use the "lack of funds" excuse as a means to avoid going to a drug rehab that could actually save their life.

Drug Rehabs Are Just In It for the Insurance Money  

It is true that most drug rehabs are for-profit businesses, just like any other hospital. If you are treated for cancer or any other illness, the majority of hospitals do not provide these services for free. It is true that in some cases scholarships and grants are given, but it would be unrealistic to treat a patient every time without charge; there would be no money for equipment, medicine, staff, etc. Private treatment centers exist so that those who can either afford to self-pay, or those who have insurance, have the option and opportunity to get treatment for their drug addiction at the facility of their choice. In the past, many addicts would have suffered without help or would have been locked up in psych wards or jails for even having this disease. Today addicts have the opportunity to be treated not as criminals, but as individuals suffering from a disease. While there are alternatives for those who do not have insurance or really cannot afford treatment, these facilities are usually government funded and with few open beds. If an addict has the ability to attend a private drug rehab program, it should be treated as an opportunity rather than perceived as a punishment. If there were no private drug rehabs, there would be many more people suffering on the streets with their drug addiction. The Addiction Recovery Center alone has treated over 39,000 patients in the last 15 years of service; those numbers speak for themselves.

Drug Rahab Is Too Expensive

If you believe going to a drug rehab is too expensive, try writing out all your expenses from the past few years from your drug addiction. Expenses like hospital bills, legal fees, the cost of obtaining the drugs themselves, etc. What amount do those expenses add up to? Would you not get treatment for cancer or any other life-threatening disease because the cost was too expensive? Why would you treat the disease of addiction any different? It kills just the same when left untreated. To not go to a drug rehab because the cost is too much makes little to no sense when you look at the life of an addict. You can’t put a price on life, and treating addiction should be viewed as an investment rather than a loss.

Drug addiction is a disease and should be treated as such. There may not be a cure for drug addiction but thousands have and do recover from drug abuse. There is no need to suffer alone, struggle without help, or die from drug addiction. If you are sick and tired of being sick and tired, it’s time to invest in your life and get the help that you deserve – you are worth it! Contact one of our addiction treatment professionals today. Even if you can’t attend our program, we will help you find one that you can: 1-888-510-2481. We care that much about every addict seeking help.

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