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Drug Rehab Centers in West Palm Beach, Florida

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You start using drugs, but you can’t stop. You stop using drugs, but cannot stay clean and sober. If this sounds like you, then our drug rehab centers in West Palm Beach, Florida can help you.

What is Drug Rehab?

Drug rehabilitation centers, or more commonly known as drug rehab centers, are specifically designed to help addicts recover from addiction. These trained drug addiction specialist understand that this is a disease and not just a lack of will power.

Most addicts reach a point where they want to stop using drugs but find they can not for many reasons. The pain of dealing with drug withdrawal symptoms is the most common reason many addicts give into using again. The other reason is that addicts suffer from the disease of addiction, which means that they suffer both bodily, physical cravings for more drugs, as well as mentally, obsessing the use of drugs. Another main reason is the fear of not knowing what drug rehab is really like.

The Addiction Recovery Center understands these fears and has built one of the best drug rehab centers in West Palm Beach, Florida, specifically for those who want to recover. Drug rehabilitation helps the addict build a strong foundation so that continued recovery is kept long after treatment is completed.

Drug Rehab Center Programs

Medical Detoxification:

When entering a drug rehab, first, patients will Detox. This is the process of safely and comfortably removing the abused drug or drugs from your body. 24 hour care is given and medication is dispensed, as needed, to help with drug withdrawal symptoms.

Inpatient Residential Drug Rehabilitation:

Next patients will continue on their addiction treatment plan by participating in individual counseling, therapeutic family sessions, and group therapy; which includes information on pain management, relapse prevention, and recovery based 12 step programs.

Partial Hospitalization Programs & Intensive Outpatient Programs:

The Addiction Recovery Center offers extended continuum of care programs like our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP), where patients stay at our very own half-way house known as The Addiction Recovery Center Apartments (TWA), while attending day treatment. The other program offered, is our Intensive Outpatient Programs (IOP), where patients will live at our other sober living community, The Residence (TWR), here patients will attend night treatment. Both PHP & IOP patients will attend treatment at our drug rehab center in West Palm Beach, Florida, known as our Quantum facility.

There are many drug rehab centers in the United States, but we believe addicts should have the opportunity to be treated where the treatment is the best; The Addiction Recovery Center’s Drug Rehab Centers in West Palm Beach, Florida is one the leading addiction treatment programs in the field. Addicts can and do recover. We know because we have seen thousands just like you recover from the disease of addiction.