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Domestic Violence Awareness Month Helps Those Struggling Find Hope

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Domestic-Violence-Awareness-MonthOctober is Domestic Violence Awareness Month!  This month is specifically designed to help raise awareness, provide resources,  and offer support to those who may be dealing with domestic violence at this moment or in the past.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

There are countless news coverage updates and articles centered around domestic violence.  It’s unfortunate that these situations continue to happen regularly, but having a month designated to bring the topic up for discussion brings hope for positive change.  People tend to overlook the fact that domestic violence can go beyond being physical too.  Domestic violence can entail other means of abuse from a partner in order to manipulate, demoralize, strike fear, threaten, harm, or seek vengeance on the other.  While some people will shrug and wonder how having a month for alleged awareness is supposed to spur sudden impact on society and prevent these kinds of ill-conceived motives, others are intrigued and willing to take advantage of Domestic Violence Awareness Month in the best way possible.  But how?  By talking about the serious issue at hand, being proactive, and doing something to make a difference about it.  A simple conversation can go a long way because it brings the issue to light and makes the matter known.  It becomes less taboo and more real.  When people don’t discuss matters – especially the nitty gritty that no one wants to address – they often go ignored.  When that happens, they miss out on the opportunity of getting addressed and solved.  In previous years, there have been several campaigns as part of the initiative of Domestic Violence Awareness Month to put an end to violent acts.

Domestic Shelters

Domestic Shelters has a mission to provide the necessary information to anyone in search of a local domestic shelter in the country, whether they are trying to get away from a physical, mental, emotional, or verbal form of abuse.  The site recently launched this new feature along with a 24-hour hotline, emergency contacts, special services, support, and aid.  These are the kinds of actions that will help put an end to domestic violence and instead bring people together to create a society of coexistent individuals living peacefully.

Domestic Violence Correlates to Drug Abuse

Domestic Violence Awareness Month brings the opportunity to pass on some typically misguided information when it comes to the relationship between domestic violence and drug abuse.   It has been found, that a majority of the attackers were associated with abusing drugs and/or alcohol at the time of their domestic violence encounter.  With this, it was also found that the victims on the other end were also more susceptible to drug abuse in order to deal with the violence thrust upon them.  October will hopefully be able to spread knowledge on how drugs can subdue the mind and make matters go from bad to worse when cruel acts of violence as concerned.

Domestic Violence Awareness Month in October will hopefully get more information spread about what constitutes as violence in a relationship and where you can turn if you feel you are in imminent danger, like a local domestic shelter.  No one should ever have to endure the harsh kind of punishment and ridicule that some of these victims of domestic violence are forced to suffer.  Help be part of the solution by spreading awareness and finding out what you can do to prevent violence in society.

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