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#DetoxMonday: Today Is Mehday

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“When Monday turns into Mehday.” – Anonymous

Sappy Mehday

Some days are better than others and sometimes you just want to be like, “Ugh, just another Mehday Monday.” And that is 100% Okay if you are not feeling 100% Okay today. The real trick is to not turn your will and your life over to the care of that Mehday feeling longer than is needed.

On days like Mehday, I really have to put in the effort to change my attitude and perception. I have to do this because it can be really easy for me to give that “meh” feeling a lot of power. I essentially turn my power over to my feelings and when I am not feeling 100% those feelings are usually driven by my fear.

When I am in fear and feeding into my negative thinking, I ultimately feel like everything is bad and nothing will ever get better. That self-pitying is really difficult to see when you are in it and sometimes it takes more than just one meditation or even day to get out of, but as long as we try to push through the Mehday,  we are sure to get through it.

Recovery is a process and no one does it perfectly and sometimes our days can be difficult and situations scary, frustrating, and overwhelming, but that is why we have a recovery program. Our program, supports, higher power, etc…helps up get through the difficult daunting spots of our sobriety.

The great news about Mehdays is that when they finally pass we are filled with so much gratitude, joy, and happiness that we forget how gross that storm was and see its purpose after all. It’s because we know that without a little rain we would never experience a rainbow.

Just for today, I will not turn my will and my life over to the power of Mehday.


Written By: Recovery Gal

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