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#DetoxMonday: It’s Going To Be OK

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detoxmonday-it's-going-to-be-OK“It’s going to be OK.” Is it? Is it really going to be OK?

Yup, it’s going to be OK!

How do you know if it’s going to be OK? I don’t, you don’t, and nobody else knows either, so how can we be so sure to make that statement? Well, mainly because it’s about acceptance and feeling OK rather than the situation that worries us actually being OK. Ever hear people say “It’s going to be OK, even if it’s not OK?” that’s pretty much what they mean. We don’t have any control over most things and when we are living in fear we aren’t present and enjoying life at that very moment. It can be difficult to live in constant fear and base our happiness entirely on outcomes only if they are OK. Having true peace isn’t because everything around you is peaceful; it’s as a result of obtaining serenity even when in the middle of chaos. We may not be able to control every outcome, but we can at least work on how we think and therefor ultimately feel. So, regardless if everything is going to be OK, it’s going to be OK. Maybe whatever situation you face is meant to happen so it can guide you in the direction that you were meant to go into. Sometimes I am really stubborn and want things to go my way because I think that I know all the time what will make me happy. I will push and arrange the best I can so that the puzzle pieces to my happiness fit together. Maybe I’ll even shave off some of the pieces so they fit. What usually happens? The picture never looks the same as I had envisioned it and it usually falls apart regardless. I am much less likely to be scared of anything being OK when I go with the flow and take time to meditate and just be. A lot of the time, just being still gives me more answers and happiness than when I am running around trying to find the best solution. Stop trying to figure everything out today. Stop trying to find the solution and figure out every possible outcome and just be. Allow yourself to go with the flow and see what your Higher Power actually has in store for you. It may be better than you ever could dream; you just have to believe it’s going to be OK regardless. Just for today, have some faith that everything is going to be OK. Written By: Recovery Gal

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