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Crazy News That You Just Gotta See To “Belieb”

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Crazy News: Drugs, Bieber, & Nudity

Whether it's crazy, weird, or funny, we have the news that make you sit on the edge of your seat.

Heroin Sold In McDonald's Happy Meals  

Weird and Crazy News: A female that was employed by a McDonald’s in Pittsburgh has been accused of selling Happy Meals with a different kind of toy: Heroin. These expensive Happy Meals cost customers up to $80 or more. For this “special order” a customer must go through the drive through and say, “I’d like to order a toy.” The customer would then have to drive to the establishment’s first drive through window, pay the money, in which they then receive the Happy Meal box which holds the small bags of heroin. The driver was not to stop by the second window, and keep driving. Shania Dennis, the female employee accused of distributing the heroin Happy Meals, is denying such allegations and the case is moving forward. Updates coming soon.

Grown Man Spends Over $100K To Look Like Justin Bieber

More Crazy News: Toby Sheldon, 33, who has a fear of getting old, has spent the past five years undergoing surgery to make him look like the famous Canadian pop star, Justin Bieber. At the age of 23, Toby started losing his hair and began to get surgeries to make him look as if he was not aging. The surgeries included chin reductions, eyelid surgeries, face fillers, hair transplants, smiling surgery, and much more. Sheldon, also an aspiring musician, states that his friends are showering him with compliments and that he is very happy with the outcome. Sheldon emphasized that he was not a fan of Bieber’s music, but more a fan of Justin’s flawless appearance (in which every surgery was then modeled after).

Man Ends Up Naked After Crashing His Car

Some Very Crazy News: Vincent Wade, of Philadelphia, very recently crashed his car into a “Crown Fried Chicken” restaurant. Wade then thought it was a great idea to get out of his car and strip down naked. This counts as Wade’s fourth DUI arrest, even though one of his prior DUI arrests was dismissed back in 2002 due to the “speedy trial rule,” meaning he wasn’t prosecuted soon enough. His DUI arrests in 1999 and 2012, however, did count, and was found to have never paid his fines and fees due one of the cases, which added up to over $350. The trouble with the law for Wade doesn’t stop there; this man was found guilty in 2006 for assault, resulting in two years probation. He has also been arrested and charged with narcotics more than once in Camden County, NJ. Overall, Vincent’s wife stated that she was completely unaware of “most” of his criminal history.

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