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Charlie Sheen’s Assistant Found Dead From Drug Abuse

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On July 1, 2012 Charlie Sheen’s personal assistant and best friend Rick Calamaro was found dead in his Los Angeles apartment by police.  According to the police, his body was found surrounded by tons of prescription drugs and bottles of alcohol. This tragedy really comes as no surprise to many people who have been around the actor and his assistant over the last few years. Sheen has been very distraught over this news and many hope it serves as a wake- up call to the embattled actor whose own history of prescription drug abuse has been well documented by the American public.  Recently, it was reported that it took the encouraging words of film legend Clint Eastwood to persuade Sheen to get help at a prescription drug addiction center.

Calamaro and Charlie Sheen

Calamaro was a 46 year old club promoter who happened to be one of Charlie Sheen’s closest friends for years. Calamaro was there in 2010 when Sheen went on a 36 hour cocaine binge and ended up in the hospital.  Many believe the longtime friend and personal assistant of Sheen was responsible for supplying the actor most of his drugs. Over the years, the two have had an on again off again friendship, while partying and doing drugs together.

The Downward Spiral

Everyone remembers the fallout between Sheen and Two and a Half Men creator Chuck Lorre, where he seemed to be in drug induced craze for the better part of two months.  He was constantly being quoted as saying he was doing more drugs than most other humans, and seemed really proud of that fact.  He surrounded himself with piles of drugs and prostitutes throughout the growing and continuing success of the CBS show. However, he couldn’t keep his recklessness under control enough to maintain the steady gig and eventually lost his job as the highest paid actor on television.
Potential Comeback
Since that enormous blunder last year, Charlie has tried to put the pieces of his life back together, even undergoing a few short stints in rehab. This year Sheen has managed to dodge a lot of the negative headlines he was so accustomed to last year by laying low and working hard on his new show on FX called Anger Management.  So far so good for the actor, but I think we are all just waiting to watch his next train wreck, which at this point seems imminent.
Perhaps Rick Calamaro’s drug abuse and untimely death will serve as a real wake-up call for Sheen, as the two had pretty similar drug habits. The actor has publicly stated that he doesn’t believe in rehab and that it does not work, but maybe he isn’t staying long enough because it has helped many people before him.  It may be time for the actor to take his health seriously and check into a prescription drug addiction center and get his life back. Otherwise we will just be waiting to read the same story, but with his name in it in place of Calamaro’s.

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