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Career Development

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At the Watershed, we believe in healing the whole person and we want our patients to have every opportunity to succeed in life clean and sober. Through our experience we believe recovery from alcohol and drug addiction is a journey and not just a destination, which is why we have taken our continuum of care to the next level by providing our patients with a full-service Career Development program.

Many addicts and alcoholics became addicted at an early age and never fully had the opportunity to finish school, build a career, or obtain basic life skills that many adults may take for granted. Other’s found themselves losing many things to addiction and the thought of having to rebuild their life seems almost impossible.

Our on-site Career Development program has become an intricate part in our patient’s continuum of care plan in that it not only helps our patients to integrate into society, but also helps them deal with real life stressors while in the safety of their support and therapeutic community. This amazing opportunity helps our patients to walk through fears and deal with any issues that may be blocking them from obtaining employment, practice what they have learned in treatment, and be able to use the tools they have obtained in recovery. It has become a proven method to really live life on life’s terms without the use of drugs or alcohol to cope.

This in-depth program incorporates a 2-step process in obtaining employment as well as offers vocational preparation courses such as basic computer training, specific job seeking services and resume development. Every patient has the opportunity to meet 1-on-1 with a Career Development Specialist for further guidance until they meet their employment goals.

In Phase 1, patients meet as a group to identify:

  • vocational qualifications
  • career objectives
  • workplace etiquette
  • resume writing
  • and interview skills.

During Phase 2, patients participate in therapeutic discussion as it relates to workplace stressors and conflict resolution. They are also provided with support through:

  • motivational activities
  • team building exercises
  • confidence building
  • personal accountability training
  • and job placement assistance.

Each patient will also be given access to our online recovery community web site, Through this private community website, residents are provided with information and resources like new employment opportunities, basic life skills courses, important local resources, and events within the Watershed community.

We want our patients to truly have their Watershed moment and implement what they have learned in treatment to their everyday life. We want you or your loved one to become productive members of society, we want to see families whole again, and we want addicts and alcoholics to have the best opportunity in building a happy and full life in recovery. Let us help you or your loved one transition back into life with confidence and strength. We don’t want you to just get clean and sober, we want to give you the opportunity to have a bright future. We believe that much in what we do!