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Can I Afford Addiction Treatment?

Addiction costs more than just about any type of addiction treatment ever could! When you total up how much you spend on alcohol or drugs, you might be shocked. Not only this, but addiction can claim your life or take everything you love away from you. Isn’t that of more value than any dollar amount? Our Program offers effective addiction treatment, beginning with a medical detox and inpatient rehab center.  Before looking at any treatment center, many of you may be asking, “Can I afford treatment for drugs and alcohol?” Addicts and alcoholics suffering from addiction can make many excuses as to why they can’t go to treatment, with treatment being “too expensive” as the number one reason. The truth is that it’s the addiction that may be costing more! Adding up the costs of the addiction itself, plus medical expenses from accidents or sickness as a result of being drunk or high, can be quite expensive. Then factor in all that credit debt, court costs and insurance payouts that can easily break the bank. The money spent on addiction can be astronomical, and in many cases, cost more than most addiction treatment programs! This rationale for not getting treatment is not only misguided, but will likely kill you or your loved one.

Can I Afford Addiction Treatment For Drugs and Alcohol?

It is very likely that you have health insurance that would cover treatment costs. Some employers provide coverage for addiction treatment. Explore all of your options before letting cost keep you from the life that you deserve. Take a look at the list of insurance plans that our treatment services at The Addiction Recovery Center are covered by.

How Much Is Your Life Worth?

Instead of asking yourself “Can I afford treatment for drugs and alcohol,” you should be asking yourself “How much is my life worth?” Taking a chance and taking that first step towards recovery starts with treatment. This is an opportunity to start a new life free from alcohol and drugs and should be considered as an investment in your loved one’s or your own life! We challenge you to really take a look at the true costs of addiction and then give us a call. You will find that our addiction treatment programs are not only affordable, but absolutely worth it. So we ask you, how much is your life worth? Because what we believe is that it is most definitely worth you or your loved one getting the help that is deserved. Take that chance and make an investment in your life! Call Us today at 1-888-510-2481.