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Buprenorphine Treatment

Although there is a slight controversy over using opiates to treat an opiate addiction, the FDA has approved Buprenorphine treatment as an effective way to deal with opiate withdrawal. However, unless you are enrolled in a treatment center such as The Addiction Recovery Center, there is still a slight risk that Buprenorphine can be addictive. The reason for this is that it is an opiate; it just contains a lot less opiates than heroin or methadone. Moreover, without the help of The Addiction Recovery Center or another addiction treatment center, a Buprenorphine treatment will only serve to treat your physical addiction to opiates. It will do nothing for your psychological addiction.

This is how we can help you at The Addiction Recovery Center. The location and atmosphere we provide for you at The Addiction Recovery Center is perfect for putting your mind and body at ease as you progress through your treatment. Moreover, we offer other options besides Buprenorphine treatment to help you overcome you opioid addiction and make withdrawal easier. If you are not comfortable going through the Buprenorphine treatment, you will have other medicinal and holistic treatment options. By calling The Addiction Recovery Center at 1-888-510-2481, you will have a vast array of treatment options available to you in a safe atmosphere.

What Does The Buprenorphine Treatment Entail?

As an opiate addict, you probably want to explore every treatment option available for you and this may include Buprenorphine treatment. As with any medical/mental treatment, it is wise to consider what the Buprenorphine treatment entails. This is the only way to be completely informed when asking your doctor or treatment center about it so as to decide if this is the best plan of action for your addiction. Essentially, the Buprenorphine treatment consists of two drugs; Subutex and suboxone. Subutex is known as opioid agonists, which means it produces the same affects as heroin or Oxycontin on a lesser level. Suboxone is a mixture of Buprenorphine and Naloxone and is known as an opioid antagonist because while it does use opiates to bind your receptors, the Naloxone keeps it from being abused through deactivating other receptors, if you were to relapse, and the opiates in the suboxone if you were to inject it. Essentially, you are replacing your opiate of choice with Buprenorphine. This is where the issue lays, because if you are only replacing your drug with another drug, without treating the mental and emotional aspects of your addiction, you are, in fact, still dealing with opiate addiction. If you would like help with your addiction, please call The Addiction Recovery Center at 1-888-510-2481.

Other Treatments Are Needed With Buprenorphine Therapy

If any doctor has told you that Buprenorphine treatment is all you need to handle your opiate addiction, they were wrong because it is only treating your physical addiction. The nature of any addiction is that it affects every aspect of your being. Therefore, your treatment needs to include programs that will treat every aspect of your addiction. This is exactly what will happen if you were to enroll in rehab at The Addiction Recovery Center, because we understand that you need physical, emotional, and mental help. The first way we offer this help is through creating a safe environment for you. We believe that the more comfortable you are, the easier your Buprenorphine treatment will be.

At The Addiction Recovery Center, you will have amenities such as skilled chefs to attend to your dietary needs and a fitness center to build your physical strength. Your individualized treatment plan will include a variety of treatments to treat everything that was affected by your addiction. This includes family and marriage therapy, individual counseling, group therapy, and so much more.

The Power Behind Buprenorphine Treatment

Believe it or not, the power behind your Buprenorphine treatment is you. This is true because you had the courage to face your addiction to opiates, call it out, and then enroll in a Buprenorphine treatment program. Thus far, your life has revolved around opiates. Every time you felt physical or emotional discomfort you could hide behind an opioid high. Now, as you enroll in rehab and start your Buprenorphine treatment, you are learning to cope with everyday life without the help of drugs, but rather with tools you will be taught during your rehabilitation. You are learning effective and healthy ways to deal with physical and emotional pain as you are reprogramming your body to live without its drug. This is why you are the power behind your Buprenorphine treatment, because without what was mentioned above, sobriety would not be within your reach. The hope of healing comes with admitting you have an addiction, researching possible programs such as Buprenorphine treatment, and then enrolling in a rehabilitation center, such as The Addiction Recovery Center, to help you with your emotional needs.

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