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New England Reports On One Of The Biggest Drug Bust In History

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In New Hampshire earlier this month, an ongoing investigation ended with the arrest of a woman and two men in a drug seize worth $2.2 million and more than $200,000 in cash. This is one of the biggest drug busts in New England’s history.

One mistake leads to another

It didn’t take long for investigators to to catch up with the culprits. On June 22, police were called to the scene of an attempted home invasion at around 9:10 p.m. Jeannette Hardy, 24, of Manchester, New Hampshire sustained an injury when she was shot in the hand while trying flee the suspects.

When police entered Hardy’s home, they found over 1,900 grams of heroin, almost $200,000 in cash, a money counter and two fairly expensive vehicles. Chief Nick Willard explains that “patrol officers went to that address, and as they cleared [it], they found in plain view a substantial amount of drugs and cash. We then executed a search warrant on that address, and from [it],  we were able to recover two kilos of heroin and $199,000 in U.S. currency.” Hardy was subsequently arrested and charged with possession with intent to distribute.

Meanwhile, the case took a turn towards Lawrence Massachusetts, where police arrested Luis Nieves, 33, after they learned he brought two kilograms of heroin to a building in Manchester. He was in possession of 2,120 grams of heroin, which has a street value of about $212,000. Nieves was also charged with possession with intent to distribute and conspiracy to distribute a controlled substance.

The U.S. DEA were able to track down yet a third person involved in this drug ring. Jose Casellas, 37, also of Lawrence, Massachusetts was arrested when he was caught carrying three kilograms of heroin and fentanyl. In his home, police found 15 more kilograms of heroin and fentanyl, which has a street value of about $1.5 million. He was charged with trafficking heroin over 200 grams and giving a false name during booking.

All in all, 22 kilograms of heroin and fentanyl were seized as a result of this investigation.

Death by heroin

Heroin overdose deaths have doubled from 2010 to 2012, according to a 2014 report from U.S. federal health officials. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control found that this is tied directly to the epidemic of painkiller narcotic abuse. They believe that the overprescribing of painkillers from doctors is responsible for the increase in heroin use and overdoses. In many parts of the world, heroin is cheaper and easier to get than prescription pain medicine, so those addicted will turn to the deadly drug instead.

Dr. Len Paulozzi, a medical epidemiologist at CDC’s National Center for Injury and Prevention and Control believes that solving the problem of deaths from heroin overdose begins with stopping the addiction to narcotic painkillers. “We still have to focus on reducing the prescribing of narcotic pain relievers, because that’s really what us into this situation in the first place.”

Take the first step to get help

An education on the dangers of painkiller and heroin addiction are extremely important ­ be it for you or someone you love. Do not let addiction take over your life. The Addiction Recovery Center can help. We’re here 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Call now: 1-­800-­861­-1768.

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