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Brain Awareness Week 2015

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BAWBrain Awareness Week kicked off March 16 – 22 this year, with the mission to raise awareness about the advantages and development of brain research.  People recognize the week globally by hosting and attending speaker lectures to discuss topics focused on the neurochemistry of the brain.  There are typically multiple community events, social media efforts, displays, and school projects associated with the annual event.

Brain Awareness Week

Set up by the Dana Alliance for Brain Initiatives and the Society for Neuroscience, Brain Awareness Week highlights brain research and refreshes the public’s knowledge about – you guessed it – the human brain.  This is a specific week during the year when friends, families, coworkers, schools, and the community can come together to test their understanding of the anatomy of the human brain.

Special events

Specific research centers like Duke Institute for Brain Sciences in North Carolina will be hosting discussions about the brain in honor of this special week.  There will be demos on the anatomy of the brain with a new topic each night.  Be sure to check out what is going on in your local community!  Get involved and watch a Webinar here!

Host your own Brain Awareness event

You can host your own event! Setting up a gathering with friends, family, and/or other locals would be a great place to start.  Consider setting a date, time, location, get a speaker, and plan an activity related to the topic of brain research. Carefully review how you would entice people to come to your event and what information you would be able to share.  If you need more event ideas related to brain research or help with planning an event, click here for instruction.

Miami, Florida Event

South Floridians can rejoice because Baptist Health of South Florida has decided to recognize Brain Awareness Week during a three-day event beginning March 19-21 set up at the Patricia and Phillip Frost Museum of Science in Miami.  The special affair is planned for all attendees to have a concrete understanding of the brain and its functioning capabilities.  There will be drinks served to all guests free of charge from the Wynwood Brewing Company while music will be played by the Frost School of Music and guests are encouraged to mingle.  Other acts for the weekend include the Frost Science Young Patrons of the Museum and a dissection of a sheep brain.

Importance of updated neuroscience trends

Not only is testing knowledge on information of the brain beneficial, but keeping up to date about what’s trending in neuroscience is important.  During Brain Awareness Week, the latest neuroscience information is made available to the pubic, and you can catch up with how far science has come with medicines, diseases, developments, nutrients, and more relating to the brain and body.  Understanding how the brain works is the first step towards seeing what can be done to properly treat various kinds of mental health disorders.

What will you do to recognize Brain Awareness Week?  Remaining aware of brain research helps us to better understand where research is headed for future advancement.

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