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Are Myths About Rehab Keeping You From Recovery?

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There are quite a few misconceptions about inpatient addiction treatment. Some think there aren't any rehab programs that fit their personal needs, and others believe formal treatment at an accredited facility isn’t necessary for them to get clean and sober. It is also common for people to think rehab is only for addicts who have hit “rock bottom.” What’s dangerous about misinformation of this kind is it can keep people from getting help that could mean the difference between life and death. Here are some common myths concerning addiction treatment and the truths to set the record straight.

Myth #1 Addiction Treatment Programs Are “One-Size-Fits-All”

Many are under the impression that the best drug rehab programs are the same for everyone, and that there is a single answer to everyone’s addiction problems. This notion simply isn’t possible. Every addiction comes with it’s own unique experience, so too is the experience the addict will have in treatment. In order to address the specific needs of people, rehab facilities will sometimes offer a multitude of treatment services such as dual-diagnosis, impaired professionals programs, and the option for inpatient or outpatient residency. Gender specific groups also help many in their recovery while staying at a drug rehab facility.

Myth #2 Addicts Have To Hit Rock-Bottom Before Rehab Can Be Effective

Whoever started spreading this rumor was seriously misinformed. Addiction treatment is often stereotyped by the belief that clinics are full of either junkie criminals who are avoiding prison time, or lazy addicts who have lost everything and finally saw the need to turn their life around. However, many people get the support from loved ones, and find help to battle addiction before it destroys their life. Depending on the attitude of the addict, which could be anywhere between denial or acceptance, seeking treatment should be encouraged to avoid the consequences eventually leading to rock-bottom.

Myth #3 Rehab Is A Waste Of Money

This myth deters many from seeking treatment they desperately need. First, people forget all the options they have for methods of payment. Numerous types of insurance are accepted, there are scholarships available at some facilities, and many employers are willing to support the recovery of their staff members.  Secondly, addiction is the real money pit. Thousands of dollars are spent on the substance of abuse, fines from potential criminal offenses as a result of addiction, and if you live long enough all the hospital bills accumulated because of how addiction has damaged the body. The cost of addiction goes beyond monetary value; addiction costs relationships with people you care about. Anything spent to live a happy, healthy life with the ones you love is worth it.

Are you believing lies about rehab that are keeping you from the treatment you need? We at The Addiction Recovery Center want to make sure you know the truth about addiction treatment, and how we will help to get your life back. Watch the video below about what life is like at The Addiction Recovery Center.

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