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Is Anti Smoking Campaign Nobituary Effective As An Intervention?

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Anti Smoking Campaign NobituaryThere’s a new anti-smoking campaign tactic for putting down cigarettes and quitting: Nobituary.  It’s where an individual can write up a paragraph about how great their loved one’s life has been since they have quit smoking.  What do you think about this method?  Can it be effective for motivating smokers to quit?

New Anti Smoking Campaign Gets Real

Nobituary is an anti smoking campaign founded by Ian Wishingrad, alongside his partners: celebrity, Whoopi Goldberg, and producer, Tom Leonardis.  The initiative helps families and friends kindly “guilt” but guide their loved ones into quitting smoking cigarettes. Whoopi Goldberg, a former smoker herself, explains in a video that Nobituary is “a great way to say ‘listen, I care about you and I don’t ever want to have to make you an obituary,’” instead of coming off too demanding or forceful about the habit immediately needing to be stopped.  The truth is most of the time the smoker may not respond well to being told what to do, which is why a direct approach may not be the most effective method.

Is Nobituary intervention effective?

Smokers are able to read about how positive their lives could be if they stop smoking cigarettes for good.  This intervention method provides a gentle positive push that is both motivating and friendly, but provides enough of a clear image for the smoker to visualize what life could be like without nicotine use.  The video highlights how they could be going on exciting trips, spending time with family and friends, and playing with pets.  The best part is the smoker is able to read the Nobituary as if it were actually real.

How Nobituary works

When a person goes to, they can click the tab labeled “enter the smoker’s information.”  This will guide the individual to fill in several fields about the smoker and give them the opportunity to upload a photo of their loved one as well.  When all the information is complete, they can choose a layout style of how the Nobituary newspaper clip out would look and then they will get an image they can see, share, save, and e-mail.

Quitting smoking is a process

Quitting smoking is not an easy matter, but once the individual has made the decision to do so, they have taken a huge first step.  Frustration can occur if the smoker doesn’t want to stop right away, slips up, becomes stressed out with withdrawals from nicotine, and is unprepared for dealing with life changes after smoking.  This is why it is best to gather all information, set a date for quit, and gather quitting assistance, if needed.  Some smokers quit cold turkey, which isn’t recommended if the smoker has been smoking a hefty quantity of nicotine, while others resort to using nicotine gum, patches, or prescription medications.  There are even alternative routes like acupuncture, meditations, yoga, exercise, 12-step fellowships, and more.  It is possible for an individual to break free from cigarettes and begin quitting smoking but they have to remember it is a process.

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