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Admissions to Alcohol and Drug Rehab Center

You are making an important and life-changing decision to enter an alcohol and drug rehab center. We want to make sure you feel as comfortable and prepared as possible to embark on your journey toward recovery from addiction. Our leading drug and alcohol treatment center in Florida  has compiled the following information that will be helpful when planning for your inpatient treatment.

Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center Information

Patient Rights

Upon admission into the drug and alcohol treatment center our Addiction Treatment Programs, you will be given a patient handbook that outlines all of your rights. We believe in respectful treatment of patients, family members, and staff while providing a safe and supportive environment at our alcohol and drug rehab center. Our rehabilitation facility provides a system to ensure that the rights of each patient and their family members are preserved and protected.


It is our legal responsibility to ensure each patient’s confidentiality, as mandated by federal state law. All staff at The Addiction Recovery Center is dedicated to upholding these standards in all communications and records.

What to Bring to Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center:

Clothing: Attire for therapy should be casual and in good taste. Clothing depicting alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, gambling, sports teams, or any clothing deemed inappropriate by staff is not allowed.*
    • •Appropriate attire includes: jeans, casual slacks, sport-shirts, skirts and dresses that are knee-length or longer, jogging suits, and appropriate-length shorts such as Bermuda/walking shorts (covering 3/4 of the thigh).
    • •Swimwear, sportswear, open shirts etc. are allowed only for recreational and fitness activities and are considered inappropriate for therapy, meals or meetings.
    • •Bathing suits for women should be appropriate. No high cut legs, thongs or revealing tops.
    • •Bathing suits for men must be the boxer-type.
    • •Undergarments are required for all patients.
  • •Lightweight jackets and sweaters are recommended for evening wear year-round. A heavier coat or jacket is recommended for winter months.
We recommend that you bring a limited amount of clothing (limit 2 suitcases and 1 carry-on). Laundry facilities, including supplies, are available for patient use. Irons and ironing boards are accessible, but we suggest that wash-and-wear clothing will be more convenient. Dry cleaning services are not available. *Determination of inappropriate attire will be at staff discretion. Items found to be inappropriate will be shipped home at your expense. Other items:
    • •Insurance card and identification (driver’s license or state-issued ID).
    • •Pre-paid telephone calling card.
    • •If you smoke cigarettes, please bring your own (a carton, etc.)
    • •Sunglasses and hat or visor (to be worn outside only).
    • •Appropriate reading material is limited to recovery-related topics. All books are subject for review by the patient’s primary therapist.
    • •Any electrical items, such as hair dryers, curling irons or electric shavers will be checked for safety.
  • •Living will or healthcare power of attorney.

What to Leave at Home

Upon admission, our on-site Paramedic staff will examine you and check your belongings. A search of your belongings is done to protect our patients from drugs or contraband entering the facility. Please do not bring the following:
    • •Non-prescription medications (i.e., Advil, Tylenol etc.), vitamins, herbs or nutritional supplements.
    • •Excessive or expensive jewelry.
    • •Radio, tape recorder/CD player, iPod, iPad or other tablets, cassette tapes, TV, cellular phone (we recommend using your cell phone during your travel to us, but it will be secured in our safe with any other valuables upon admission), laptop, electronic address book, PDA, DVDs, audio/video equipment or camera.
    • •Exercise equipment, craft materials, or irons.
    • •Reading material not related to recovery. Novels, magazines, or publications may not be brought in. Books relevant to treatment will be assessed upon arrival.
    • •Shoe polish, soap, detergent or bleach.
    • •Glass items.
    • •Straight razors, razor blades, pocketknives, knitting needles, crochet hooks, or metal hairpieces.
    • •Aerosol products, including deodorant and hairspray.
    • •Suntan oils or baby oils (substitute with lotions).
    • •Products containing alcohol (i.e., mouthwash, aftershave, facial toner, perfume, perfumed lotions, etc.)
    • •Food, chewing gum, breath-mints, candy of any kind, sugar or artificial sweeteners.
    • •Illegal substances or mood-altering drugs.
    • •Firearms and/or supplies.
  • •Clothing that depicts alcohol, drugs, sex, violence, gambling or any clothing deemed inappropriate by staff.
Prescription medications exceeding a three day supply will be returned upon discharge, and all controlled substances will be destroyed unless the prescription is ordered by a physician at The Addiction Recovery Center. It is recommended that you secure any valuables not in your immediate possession. A safe is provided for this purpose. The staff cannot be responsible for your valuables.

Medication Allowed In Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center:

It is important that you advise your intake representative of all medications you are currently taking. Include the name of the medication, the dosage and frequency administered, as well as the name of the physician who prescribed the medication. Please bring all medications you are taking in the appropriately labeled prescription bottle. Remaining medication will be returned upon discharge. Controlled substances will be destroyed, except with a written order by one of our physicians. Each patient’s attending physician will manage medication. Please do not bring over-the-counter medications (i.e., Advil, Tylenol, etc.), vitamins, herbs or nutritional supplements.

Tobacco Use Allowed at Our Drug and Alcohol Treatment Program at The Addiction Recovery Center

No patients will be denied entry into treatment because of the use of nicotine. However, we do recognize the use of tobacco as an addiction to be addressed, and we inform patients that it is our goal to support them in becoming nicotine-free. For those that desire to continue smoking, they will be allowed to do so in specific designated outdoor areas.


Patients may have visitation on Sundays and designated holidays after they have met with their primary therapist and appropriate visitors have been authorized. Visitors are required to check in at the main reception desk upon arrival and must follow the guidelines for appropriate attire. Guests are asked to not bring any food, candy, soda, gifts, magazines, etc. to any patient; all packages will be checked. In order to ensure confidentiality, cameras and picture-taking are not permitted on the grounds of The Addiction Recovery Center. Visitors must be approved by the patient’s therapist before being granted access. Visiting hours are every Sunday from 1-4pm. From 1-2pm, visitors must attend the family group. This required meeting is a process group that relays important information about the program. All visitors must attend every time they visit.

Telephone and Mail

In order to ensure a therapeutic environment, patients are encouraged to make phone calls only after the first three days of treatment. Upon admission, patients are allowed to call (under nursing supervision) one person (preferably a significant other or family member) to confirm their safe arrival. Telephones are available during designated hours each day. No mail order packages will be delivered to patients while they are in treatment unless authorized by their primary therapist.

The Family Program for Loved Ones of Addicts

The Family Program at our drug and alcohol treatment program at The Addiction Recovery Center is designed to create a recovery foundation for you and your family and aims to expand self-awareness and knowledge of family dynamics by increasing communication skills. This process introduces family members to a variety of self-care tools and provides resources for continuing care. During the intake process, you will complete an invitation list for the Family Program so that your family/significant others can be contacted and provided with program information. A family therapist will contact your family member(s) when the list is finalized. It is necessary that loved ones who are planning to attend confirm their plans no later than the Monday prior to the beginning of the Family Program. Please bring addresses and phone numbers for all family members/significant others whom you wish to invite to the Family Program. We hope the preceding information answers any questions you might have. If you have additional questions, please feel free to call the Intake Department at: 1-888-510-2481. For more information or to speak to our caring admissions staff, call 24 hours a day, 1-888-510-2481.

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