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About What We Offer at The Watershed

“A watershed is a defining moment of insight and clarity where healing begins and lives are reclaimed.”

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs in Florida and Texas is named after the word watershed – a term historically used to describe “a momentous event that alters the course of history.” For example, “a watershed moment.”  The Watershed was chosen as the company name because it is our hope that by obtaining treatment for their addictions, the course of each person’s life will be altered as they begin their road to recovery. Our alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs are designed to do just that.

alcohol and drug treatment programsWhat We Offer for Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment

The Watershed is America’s premier addiction treatment provider for alcohol and drug rehabilitation, with locations in Palm Beach County, Florida and Clear Lake, Texas. The Watershed operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year and is licensed by the State of Florida’s Department of Children and Families to perform addiction and substance abuse detoxification for alcohol addiction. We offer intensive inpatient residential drug and alcohol rehab, as well as prevention services. During our alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs, patients at The Watershed receive an unprecedented level of care by highly skilled and caring professionals who know how to help addicts find long-term recovery.

Credibility & Qualifications

With over 20 years in the addiction treatment industry, The Watershed has been recognized with the “Gold Seal” accreditation from The Joint Commission for our world-class drug and alcohol addiction treatment programs and treatment centers. In addition to this, The Watershed is state licensed by the State of Florida Department of Children and Families to provide treatment for a wide variety of substance use disorders, including drug addiction and alcoholism. The Watershed also operates a Help Line/Crisis Line, which provides information and referrals, in addition to motivational and over-the-phone crisis intervention services, to over 14,000 callers per month.

The Watershed has a great reputation as a leading provider for alcohol and drug addiction treatment programs, offering medical detoxification and drug rehabilitation in Florida and Texas for those suffering from the disease of alcoholism and drug addiction. Our facilities are staffed with highly trained addiction psychiatrists, medical doctors, psychologists, nurses and therapists who collectively create the optimal environment for the recovery of an individual dealing with addiction.

alcohol and drug addiction treatmentOur History as a Provider for Alcohol & Drug Addiction Treatment Programs

The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs was incorporated in February of 1998 by a small group of addiction professionals and investors in order to meet a chronic and desperate need for addiction treatment services. The Watershed’s founders had a vision of creating the best addiction treatment and rehabilitation possible in a way that is affordable to the greatest number of people.

First Patient Treated in May 1, 1998

The Watershed admitted our first patient May 1st, 1998 and has since treated over 55,000 people. Over the past fourteen years, the executive management Team and founders of The Watershed have remained committed to our passion and vision; To help the sick and suffering alcoholic and addict.

The Watershed’s First Facility in November of 1998

The Watershed acquired our first free-standing alcohol and drug detox and rehab facility in Boca Raton, Florida. The mission has always been to assist and guide patients through the initial processes of their substance abuse treatment and recovery.

From primary treatment to eventual re-entry into society, our nurses and qualified professionals are in attendance 24 hours a day, caring and nurturing each patient through detoxification. Counselors provide individual and group counseling sessions to help patients work through trauma, relapse and life skills issues that they may encounter during rehabilitation.

addiction treatmentExpansion in October of 2005

The Watershed opened our newest and current 132-bed, 6-acre, world-class, inpatient addiction detoxification, treatment, and rehabilitation facility, The Watershed of the Palm Beaches, in Boynton Beach, Florida. Serving South Florida and the entire United States, our modern treatment facilities offer various drug rehabilitation programs. Including in-patient, out-patient, residential treatment and partial hospitalization.

As a recognized leading treatment provider of medical detoxification and rehabilitation, our mission is to ensure that you receive the care and support necessary to find long-term recovery. We have grown in the past fourteen years from a capacity of 8 patient beds to 184 in-patient addiction, detoxification, treatment and rehabilitation patient beds with additional extended care addiction treatment beds and The Watershed Residence in Lake Worth, Florida.

In addition to our Florida addiction treatment facilities, The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs also provides a full continuum of care from medical detox and inpatient rehab all the way through sober living near Houston in Clear Lake, Texas.

Our Guarantee to Help Alcoholics and Addicts Recover

As a patient at The Watershed Addiction Treatment Programs, you receive individualized detoxification, inpatient rehabilitation, treatment and counseling to reclaim your life and begin your healing. That’s where The Watershed’s expert staff experience is crucial to your recovery. We operate a 24 hour Help Line for any immediate needs, questions or concerns. We are happy to answer your questions day or night. The Watershed is hope and a new life.

Don’t delay living the life you deserve. Call The Watershed now at 1-888-510-2481.

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