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4th Of July Recipes For Sober Fun

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4th-of-july-recipesA common thought for this Independence Day may be about what 4th Of July recipes there are, as well as – to many recovering alcoholics and addicts that is –  what kind of sober fun exists for the holiday.  With 4th Of July and a lack of addictive substances to worry over, the holiday may already seem enticing to the sober individual, but what could make this 4th Of July even better?  Sharing it, and quality time of course, with your friends and family!  Nothing makes a day of celebrating our country’s Independence better than spending it with the ones you love.  Now that you are sober, you can actually be present and rejoice in your own independence from alcohol and/or drugs.

4th Of July Recipes

Independence Day usually involves a lot of barbecuing of chicken, burgers, and hot dogs.

What easy 4th Of July Recipe could go with this?


A red, white, and black bean salad of course!  First, grab and mix together some small grape tomatoes with some red kidney beans for your red, chick peas (or pasta) for your white, and then black beans in place of your blue.  You can add a dressing of your choice, like Italian, for flavoring if you’d like.

With most of the ordinary 4th Of July recipes including traditional sweet-filled desserts, why not try something different on the healthier side?


fruitTo go with the 4th Of July recipes color-scheme of The American Flag, try making red, white, and blue fruit skewers.  Fruit skewers are relatively easy to make.  All you have to do to start off, is grab a bunch of skewers and add some blueberries, sliced strawberries, and cut-up bananas.  It will even look like The American Flag when you line the skewers up!  If that’s too healthy for you, you can even substitute the sliced bananas with white marshmallows.

Of course, you may still want to add some kind of tasty sweet treat, so why not bring out the star-shaped cookie cutters to create star-shaped cookies?


cookiesAn easy peanut butter cookie recipe just requires you to mix one large egg, one cup of peanut butter, and one cup of sugar together.  Once mixed thoroughly, you can form them into the shape of balls, place on a tray, and bake for 10-15 minutes in the oven on 350 degrees.  Whether you decide to buy pre-made sugar cookie dough or whip up a quick cookie recipe on your own, you still have the option of frosting them with red, white, or blue icing!  The icing can be super easy. You may already have Confectioner’s Sugar in your pantry, so take that out and mix with either water or any kind of milk to form a frosting consistency.  Then, you can separate your icing into three different bowls, so that you can keep one color white and dye the other two red and blue.

4th Of July Recipes For Sober Fun

But what 4th Of July recipes for sober fun are there?

Sober Games & Entertainment 

If it’s nice out and you’re barbecuing, you should definitely stay outside.  You should prepare some red, white, and blue water balloons for a game between family and friends.  Don’t forget about “Capture The Flag” although you should probably use two red, white, or blue bandannas in place of an actual flag.

If you have a pool, you should invite your friends and family to do some swimming!  Depending on where you live, the weather might make not be appropriate to be outside in.  If this is the case, you should see if there’s a funny or interesting movie playing that you can go see with your friends, or you can even rent one beforehand at a Redbox at your local grocery store.

If you aren’t having food at home or not a fan of barbecuing, you should try going out to eat with your friends and family instead.  American food would best suit the holiday, but of course you can find a restaurant that you would all enjoy and still have a good time because holidays are about the time you spend with the people around you.

The most important part of 4th Of July recipes for sober fun is to make sure you stay away from substances!  This is a day to make memories with your friends and family by laughing, cooking, and telling stories with one another.  Nothing can rob you of your joy more than picking up alcohol and/or drugs.  If you can’t stay away from a substance even on a holiday like Independence Day, you may want to seek help for the addiction.  Contact The Addiction Recovery Center today.

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